Political Spirituality in an Age of Eco-Apocalypse (Review)

This title immediately attracted me to this book and I imagine that the intrigue appeals to two distinct audiences: theologians and religionists with a political analytical framework and academics attentive to urgent social crises. These circles may not frequently overlap, though this book provides a framework for critical engagement of their shared interest through a curated collection of essays. The experience is somewhat similar to … Continue reading Political Spirituality in an Age of Eco-Apocalypse (Review)

Reading List – February 2022

Some brief summaries from my reading this past month. I’m always happy to review, recommend, or lend! Anxious to Talk About It: Helping White Christians Talk Faithfully about Racism, Carolyn HelselWriting from her perspective as a coach for white Christians, Heisel presents her process for engaging the consequences of racism. As a seminary professor, her audience is particularly clergy and other leaders who are compelled … Continue reading Reading List – February 2022

Living Stories – John 2:13-22

When I was in high school, I started reading books about apologetics and my dad–who was a book nerd and a mad-scientist Sunday school teacher–had us read Marcus Borg’s “Meeting Jesus Again for the First Time”, which, if you haven’t read it, makes this distinction between the Jesus of history and the Christ of faith. After that, we read “Cost of Discipleship” by Dietrich Bonhoeffer … Continue reading Living Stories – John 2:13-22

Review: The Enneagram Goes to Church

I was a latecomer to /skeptic of the enneagram but it has been a useful tool to begin seeing myself in context among others. Todd Wilson’s The Enneagram Goes to Church: Wisdom for Leadership, Worship, and Congregational Life (InterVarsity Press, 2021) tracks where he uses the concepts for church leadership. The book assumes that you have a basic familiarity with the tool (cf: http://enneagraminstitute.com) and … Continue reading Review: The Enneagram Goes to Church

Review: After Doubt

A.J. Swoboda’s book After Doubt: How to Question Your Faith Without Losing It (Brazos Press, 2021) was an excellent read on a subject that has recently become a flashpoint in the online evangelical/ex-vangelical space. Coincidentally, his book released the week after some major discourse on deconstruction was happening- to which this book would settle some folks down, hopefully. Earlier on, he explains how he uses … Continue reading Review: After Doubt

Sit, Walk, Stand with Privilege

What does the spiritual life look like for someone, like me, who carries social privilege yet wants to see liberation and full inclusion of people in the church? There is a schema from a Chinese housechurch leader named Watchman Nee who wrote that in Ephesians, we are “seated with Christ” (Eph. 2:6), then we “walk with Christ” (Eph. 5:2), then we “stand with Christ.” (Eph. … Continue reading Sit, Walk, Stand with Privilege

Review: Praying With Our Feet

Praying with Our Feet follows the personal development of Lindsey Krinks as she begins to engage with issues of justice and how those experiences shape her understanding of herself and her community. The primary setting for the book is among an unhoused community in Nashville and tenuous relationships with churches, local government, and nonprofits who limit their engagement. (It’s not big on social analysis or … Continue reading Review: Praying With Our Feet

Set Free for Freedom

1. IntroductionOver the last year, we’ve been reading books in Sunday Night Live that are talking about the development of white American Christianity, antiracism, social injustice, the Latino American church, and liberation. We’ve wrestled with what it means for us to be Christian, and for us to be a church, at a time when we are recognizing the ways that we have been complicit in … Continue reading Set Free for Freedom